Lot of time passed from the first broadcast in 2006. Since then, our customers transmitted hundreds of events!

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TransmisjeOnline sp. z o.o is a Polish company offering a full service of the broadcast on the Internet. The company specializes in webinars, providing a high-quality transmission of audio-video and using the virtual tools for enhancing the effectiveness of the online training. TransmisjeOnline has its own original platform, which is a complete, accessible by the browser, audio-visual environment for enterprises.


The solutions developed by TrasnmisjeOnline are used both for internal communication within companies, like organizing  internal training and external communication like broadcasting conferences or sports events.

We are an experienced team consisting of both experts in production and managers involved in business development, who already have success on the Polish market. Our plan is to make the TransmisjeOnline.pl the most popular platform for communication in Poland, and ultimately also in other European countries.

Sąd Rejonowy dla m. st. Warszawy
XIII Wydział Gospodarczy
KRS 0000302067
REGON 141330449
NIP 701-011-70-55
Kapitał zakładowy 400.000 PLN
nr konta 88 1160 2202 0000 0001 0599 5873


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